The Devil Next Door(The Devil You Know) looks to document the trial of an accused ritualistic murderer.

A non-fiction documentary series, told through the eyes of those closest to a bizarre crime, “The Devil Next Door” strives to flip the script on the American culture of violence by re-examining it as a community problem.

This five-part true crime series explores the dark story of Satan-worshiping, suspected cannibal murderer Pazuzu Algarad. Presiding over a disenfranchised group of punks and nonconformists, he ran amok in the otherwise sleepy town of Clemmons, near Winston-Salem. It all came to a head in 2014 when Algarad, along with his girlfriend Amber Burch, were arrested and charged with murder following the discovery of two dead bodies in shallow graves in his garden. Through interviews with this former followers and associates, The Devil You Know looks at the sociological conditions that allowed Algarad to gain cult-like power and influence over his group of outsiders and the horrifying consequences that ensued.

This show package is brought to life through the eyes of the researcher investigating the crimes and what led up to them. A slide projection motif combined with a simulation of a microfilm reader allows the viewer to feel part of the investigation. 

The opening pays tribute to R/Greenberg Associates' motion designs such as The Dead Zone and Altered States while still having a voice of it's own.