Promotion for NOISEY.

VICE started Noisey in 2011 as a way to document new and exciting music across the globe — from pop's heavy-hitters to tiny garage bands and everything in between. Since then, Noisey has grown into one of the most successful music brands on the planet, boasting the most popular music documentaries on the web, its own TV show on VICELAND, a radio show on Apple's Beats 1, and more. Through in-depth reporting and incisive storytelling, Noisey uses music as a lens to investigate the movements, scenes, and stories that drive our culture.

Music is an important part of many cultures around the world, but it has a different impact in different places. It often reflects on or reacts to socio-political issues that affect the local culture. Noisey goes around the world to explore some of the most interesting and, in some cases, controversial music scenes.

With: Ben Ruby & Ralph Damman