Tweed Rebrand

Tweed, Canada's leading source for all things cannabis. For Tweed, it’s about more than just growing seeds into plants. It’s about starting a conversation and opening minds to fresh perspectives. And, perhaps most of all, it’s about becoming a part of the fabric of every neighbourhood that welcomes them.

Departing from their original branding design was necessary in order to prepare for their launch into the US market as a leading cannabis grower as well as brick and mortar retailer. The new branding is designed to be more engaging, elevating and to bring an air of youth to the brand. 

Fun, Simple and Consistent to connect with the everyday cannabis user who just wants consistently good bud that’s easy to choose, easy to understand, easy to enjoy and easy on the wallet. 

The new branding allows Tweed to reflect the nuances of flavor, strain and effect more accuately and with more resonance. 

Brett Ramsay, Ellen Micallef, Jen Dunaj, Jared Barter